Christmas Cards

After many suggestions and requests, we are offering Christmas Cards for purchase this year. Please see ordering information at the bottom of this page. All cards are 5" x 7".

Card 1:   Starry Night
Your personalization here
Card 2:   Mother and Infant
Your personalization here
Card 3:   Snow Berries
Your personalization here
Card 4:   Great Light
Your personalization here
Card 5:   Winter Wagon
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Card 6:   Holiday Greetings
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The price for the cards is $45 for a box of 24, including personalization and shipping. If you are a Colorado resident, please add $2.07 for sales tax for each set of cards ordered.

Payment can be made byPaypal as linked on this page, cash or check only. Please make checks out to "Capturing Creation".

Cards will be sent via Fedex Ground and will be shipped within 7 to 10 days upon receipt of payment.

Orders and payment can not be accepted by email. An email must be sent specifying personalization if you are paying by check or with cash.

Please provide the required information below.

Name and Address Including Zip Code

Number of Cards you wish to order (in groups of 24). Identify by card # and title.

Total Payment including tax, if Colorado resident

Orders can be processed only when payment has been received.

Mail your payment with all of the above information, including personalization, to:

Capturing Creation
P.O. Box 181
Kittredge, Colorado 80457-0181

Thank you for your support of this ministry.

Peace and Joy

brotherjohn OEF

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