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Morning Whisper
Sunday, Nov 15, 2015

" Like many if not most of you, from late Friday afternoon through the evening I kept checking into the fluid news coming from Paris.. first thoughts were, "No, not again." As the numbers of the dead and wounded kept rising, I prayed for God's intervention. My mind said, My God was not the cause, God will not be the cure. Then immediately I was grateful for all of the courage of the local police and the compassion of a world that waited along with me, helpless. The millions who long for peace and calm within our global community far outweigh those with evil hearts. God has changed hearts throughout creation and will do so again. For this I pray. One final thought, in the midst of the reporting, a statement was issued that there was no immediate, credible threat to the United States. "

Pacem 1

Compassion needs no qualification. When the Trade Center towers fell, the world entered into our anguish with compassion not pity. Let us continue to do likewise for all those who suffer, for those who mourn.

Our loving and tender God holds you with strong yet gentle hands.

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