About Us

"Perfect Peace and Joy" represents the devotion to scripture, commitment to ministry, and the passion for photography of Rev. brotherjohn Gaudreau OEF.

Brotherjohn has been ordained in the United Church of Christ for 16 years. He is also a professed brother in the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans. Having served primarily in the area of pastoral care in churches, hospitals and hospice, brotherjohn shares his vision of meeting the broken wherever he finds them. Pastoral care is about restoration and renewal of the spirit.

Utilizing images he has captured from Europe, Africa and North America, brotherjohn has bonded them with scripture and offers his insights into the challenges and joys we encounter on our journey through life. He has remarked that when out shooting, he often just breaks into prayer expressing his gratitude and delight in creation. He prays that you are enriched and inspired by the power of scripture and the beauty of Godís world.
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