Welcome to Perfect Peace and Joy. This site was created to offer daily reflections to any and all who desire to be reminded of the Perfect Peace and Joy of God.

The spiritual journey is so often accompanied by burdens that can be difficult to bear. It is our hope that you take comfort and encouragement in our messages.

From the daily grind at work to tensions at home, from grief to anxiety, and from fear to the experience of overwhelming joy, scriptures will affirm as well as challenge.

My ministry has always been about relationships and caring for those God brings to me. Pastoral care is devoted to meeting God's people where they are and acknowledging what they are feeling. My photography celebrates all that God has created. Through this website we hope to reach out to a virtual community with the power of scripture, the beauty of the created world and reflections about the challenges we face on a daily basis.

If you find that these offerings touch your heart and help equip you for your spiritual journey, please pass this site on to your friends.

Receive these mailings with the joy from which they were created, and experience perhaps in a new and vital way the perfect peace of God.
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